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Education System and Ever Evolving Technology

Using chalkboards in classrooms and teachers asking for silence and discipline is the thing of the past. Our modern classrooms are fully equipped with technology where toddlers to grad students everyone has modern educational gadgets at their fingertips. Present curriculums demand the kind of lesson plans where technology is incorporated in each and every task of the day, interactive whiteboards, surround systems, taking help from interactive flipcharts online and such activities have made education fun. Often cheap dissertation writing services are more helpful for students.

Even the toddlers who are learning to recognize letters of alphabets can picture read alphabets and recognize them in applications designed for them. On the other hand, interactive sessions are planned between students of two countries and they communicate with each other, ask relevant questions to guess each other’s nationality. Virtual reality has taken technology in classrooms by storm, now students can not only look at pictures, they can, in fact, experience visiting places through the virtual reality gear.

Only a few years ago, we had silent classrooms where the main focus of the teachers was teaching discipline. Unlike today when students are encouraged to get up and ask questions and create noise as much as they want, stereo systems in the class are used to incorporate related videos in daily lesson plan not only to develop interest but to make students experience the events in the past. It is a famous saying that with big power comes big responsibility, we do sometimes witness that too much technology is also bad. For example, writing skills have reduced to a dangerous level, even typing seems to be disappearing due to auto correct and automation dictionaries. How will teachers teach punctuation using technology if writing has become so rare?

Teachers relying on the internet to generate every day’s lesson plan saves on paper wastage, but what if there is a power failure and what if the device malfunctions. It is as if we are now too dependent on technology. You cannot practically take your lesson plan everywhere unless you have a wifi working. And then again we are dependent on technology. Incorporating technology into the classrooms is good. It makes learning fun. But there needs to be a certain limit to it. In addition, the methodologies should be more dependent on the ability of teachers. It also depends on how they carry out a lesson instead of sourcing ready-made worksheets and content for the students from the internet.

These may or may not be suitable for every student in the class with different capabilities and learning ability being an expert writer. The use of technology is not completely discouraged, because if the technology is not introduced within the classrooms. The students will be left behind and they will be unaware of them. Therefore, there needs to be a perfect balance of both, where the teacher is the one in charge. The teacher is independent and has exceptional improvising skills in order to mould technology and traditional learning methods according to the needs of every individual student and their capability of understanding them.

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