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5 Most Useful Educational Apps for Students to Grow Their Grades

These days education is no longer restricted to school and textbooks; the times are changing swiftly and technology has brought about a revolution in the academic world too. Now students do not need books, journals and libraries to study as technology has made it easy for them to study with the help of apps that make it easy for them to grow their grades and succeed most effectively. No matter in which part of the world students live or study, they have access to these apps as they are readily available for download from Google play or app store and they can make the most of them, getting information and even answers to many questions that are not present in their books.

The good news for students is that there is almost an app for everything these days and this makes things very convenient for them. Now they no longer have to run after professors or their class fellows and beg them for notes and lectures as they have got means to access them, revise and remain active in class and prepare for what is to come. 

Discussed here are the top 5 useful apps for students that can help them in their academic career and progress towards success most efficiently:

Lecture capture app - SoundNote

This app has made life very easy for students; in the past students attending their classes would have to spend the entire time scribbling on notepads and journals just to note down every part of the lecture and even then they ended up missing bits and pieces. Technology has bought SoundNote, a popular lecture capture app that works like a notepad and an voice recorder so that the students have the facility to record the entire lecture in audio as well as video format. All you need to do is just download the app and enjoy the lectures with utmost concentration

Revision app – StudyBlue 

This app is really one of the best things to happen to students and it seems technology has finally made revision something that students would look forward to without worrying. This app uses the relevant information to create a variety of cards for subject revision; the students can also make their own flashcards and test themselves. This app is intended to make revision fun and convenient and the students can test how well they have managed to learn.

Exam prep app – BenchPrep

This app helps the students prepare for their exams such as MCAT, GMAT, LSAT and GRE that have become the standard tests for graduate schools as part of their admissions process. The app work just like social networking platforms enabling the learners to work together with other students and pursue revision materials in form of quizzes, notes and even track their learning progress. 

Planner app – Timetable 

This app helps the students stay organized as organization is the key to success in this age and time when things are so out of hand. At university level, the students need to keep their schedules organized so that they can focus on their lectures and save time that would help them do well in class. Timetable is a popular app that features a shape and clean interface to map their timetable most conveniently and it gives them a shout when it’s time to take a class, take a break or meet with the professor or even take an extra class.

Bibliography help app – EasyBib

Most of the students are assigned dissertation, thesis and case study writing assignments during their college and university days and they should not be taken lightly as their grades can affect the overall results and even their degree. Due to lack of information and understanding, students end up making a lot of mistakes in the bibliography section that costs them a lot of time and effort and they end up getting frustrated when their paper is repeatedly rejected. EsayBib makes this easy as it is the best app that creates an can create academic reference for any book by just scanning its barcode. The app offers referencing in MLA, APA and Chicago styles making it very easy for students to achieve desired grades.

School, college and university days pose a significant challenge to students who have so much to do and competition to deal with and sometimes it becomes tough for students to manage everything on their own. Whatever they do can have a big impact on their later life and taking the right decisions and seeking help at the right time can make things easy for them. With help of these smart applications that bring education closer to them, students can make the most of their time, improve knowledge and look forward to better grades in the class.

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